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Emke Cheviots

The N.C Cheviots have changed hands. Murray has taken over the cheviot flock.

We currenly operate with about 50 brood ewes as well as a small flock of cheviot cross commercial ewes. 

We are currently using a Jordan Bell ram and a Lloyd Skinner ram


Fair Winners

Reserve Champion Ram 2015 Leamington Fair


Birthdate: Nov. 1, 2011

(Pictured Nov. 9, 2012)
Reserve Champion North Country Ewe

Pictured Oct. 7, 2012

Supreme Champion Ewe at 2012 Norfolk Fair.
This ewe was sired by ?Lloyd?who is a ?Buckshot? grandson

   Royal Reserve ZLS 34N

Sire: TWB H-44
Dam: Springhill 67J
Scrapie resistane: RR/NN

Reserve Champion North Country Cheviot ewe 2004 Royal Winter Fair


Springhill 33P "Buckshot"

Sire: Springhill 24M
Dam: Springhill 6H
Scrapie Resistance QR/NN

This ram was Supreme Ram over all breeds at the 2005 Royal Winter Fair.

"Buckshot" has greatly influenced our NCC flock.

Progency of "Buckshot"