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Emke Suffolks

Emke Suffolks are owned by Murray Emke. He has been involved with the sheep industry for 50 years.

Murray currently operates with 50 purbred Suffolk ewes. In 2005 he purchased the Chris Atkinson Suffolk Flock and introduced Skinner & Hodges blood lines.

We are driven to produce easy keeping, fast growing  functional sheep.

Suffolks are excellent terminal sires and work well with different breeds.

Murray also keeps  50 suffolk cross commercial sheep.

We are using a McTaggart ram "RReaper" that was 1st place ram lamb at the 2013 RAWF.  

Fair Winners

2015 RAWF..... 1st Place slick sheared Suffolk yearling ram


Mother MaRRY  KVZ37Y


 (Pictured Oct. 6, 2012)                                                    (Pictured Nov. 12, 2012)

Supreme Champion Ewe at 2012 Markham Fair.



WDM 25 A RReaper

Pictured July 7, 2014

Class winding ram lamb at the 2013 RAWF.

Long deep bodied buck with thick bone.

Sired by the original Ruby Mountain Ram from Bill McTaggart.



We are proud to have exported this great ram and a group of suffolk ewes to Russia.


Scrapie Resistance RR/NN

Half interest of this ram sold to Atkinson International


Scrapie Resistance RR/NN

MC is our new stud ram!

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